Stoke-on-Trent Joint Strategic Needs Assessment


Welcome to the website for the Stoke-on-Trent JSNA.

The purpose of a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment is to:

  • Describe the local community's current and future health, independence and wellbeing needs. It is a high level needs assessment that provides local commissioners with a wealth of quantitative and qualitative data that clearly describes the key issues for the local population.
  • Provide information so that commissioners are enabled to set strategic priorities and formulate solutions for service delivery and redesign to reduce inequalities and improve health and wellbeing outcomes.
  • Highlight local issues based on the analysis of the available information. It identifies where needs are not being met, describing these as themes for action.
  • Look at information and trends and provide an insight into the years ahead.

The health and wellbeing of individuals and populations across all age groups is influenced by a range of factors both within and outside the individual's control.  The JSNA comprises of a range of reports which look in more detail at social and environmental factors, economic factors and deprivation as they apply to the city. 

The diagram below shows the key factors that are recognised as having a major influence on health and wellbeing.




These "social" determinants of health are important because much of a person’s health is shaped by how income and wealth is distributed, on their ability to obtain quality education, food and housing, whether or not they are employed and if so, the working conditions they experience.

JSNA is an ongoing process where a wide range of information and data is reviewed on a regular basis and updated as and when new information / statistics become available.