Schools Closure Site

You can now sign up to receive automatic e-mail alerts if your child's school is closed due to bad weather or any other reason.

Click on the icon on the right to choose to receive alerts from individual schools direct to your inbox if they are forced to close.
If a school, college or academy is to be closed due to wintry weather conditions or other emergencies the local authority should be informed directly on this website. This also allows parents and carers to view real time information on their child's establishment.

This website contains details of Stoke-on-Trent Educational Establishments that are CLOSED only and does not contain details of whether or not a school is open.
Parent and Carers please note: If your child's school, college or academy is not detailed below it means that a closure has not reported to the local authority, but does not necessarily mean the establishment is open - please check your school's closure procedure
Headteachers: To record the closure of your establishment you will need to log onto this site by clicking
The following schools are currently listed as closed
School Start Time End Time Reason for Closure Note for Parents/Carers